Sex Death and Bowling

2015 / 96 Mins / US

ELI MCALLISTER, our eleven year old hero is on a quest. Consulting with rabbis, priests and gurus, he sets out to determine what happens to us when we die. “Are we just gone, finito, kaput? “ Or is there a part of us, ‘a soul’ that lingers on?” He also sets out to win The Fiesta Cup, a bowling tournament. Joining him on this quest is his world-famous, handsome, fashion designer, uncle, Sean McAllister. Sean is the prodigal son who hasn’t spent time with his family – specifically his crotchety father, Dick – for years. But now he has returned to bid farewell to his older brother, Eli’s father, Rick who is dying of cancer. Thrown into the bowling tournament as a substitute for his brother, Sean and his father clash as old wounds are opened. But instead of reliving the past, they find themselves pulling together to bowl their best for Eli who stands to lose so much. SEX, DEATH AND BOWLING teaches us that best part of life is learning to love what we have even if it is... just a split.


Directed by Ally Walker


Adrian Grenier
Selma Blair
Bailey Chase
Melora Walters
Drea de Matteo
Mary Lynn Rajskub
Daniel Hugh Kelly
Joshua Rush


Milan International Film Festival -Best Screenplay