The Last Flight of Petr Ginz

2013 / 74 and 54 min versions / USA

By 14 he had written five novels and penned a diary about the Nazi occupation of Prague. By 16 he had produced more than 170 drawings and paintings, edited an underground magazine in the Theresienstadt Ghetto, written numerous short stories and had walked to the gas chamber at Auschwitz.

But this is a story of celebration as well as tragedy, a testament to how a boy’s wonder and creative expression represent the best of what makes us human.


Directors: Sandy Dickson, Churchill Roberts, Cindy Hill and Cara Pilson
Consulting Producer: Peter Gilbert
Composer: John Califra
Lead illustrator: Cory Godbey
Animator: Danny McNight


Avner Shalley Award for Artistic Achievement: Jerusalem International Film Festival 2012
Official Selection: Toronto Jewish Film Festival 2012
Official Selection: Atlanta Jewish Film Festival 2012
Official Selection: Zagreb Jewish Film Festival 2012