2005 / 95 mins / US

Inspired by true events and unflaggingly true to life in its subtlety, Loggerheads charts the course of an adoption triad- birthmother, child and adoptive parents – as they struggle to bridge the gaps of time, space and culture that separate them.

In the small town of Eden, a minister’s wife (Tess Harper) must confront her conservative husband, who has enforced a harsh estrangement from their adopted son since they have learned that he is gay. Listless and disappointed in life, Grace (Bonnie Hunt) makes a last ditch decision to search for the son she was pressured into giving up for adoption as a teenager. Mark (Kip Pardue), a longtime drifter who is strangely fascinated with loggerhead sea turtles, crosses paths with George (Michael Kelly), a fixture of his quiet beach community who for a time provides Mark the support and companionship he has been starved of. Their stories interweave to create a portrait of familial detachment and longing that is at once universal, and stepped in the keenly observed looks and rhythms of three distinctive settings across North Carolina


Director: Tim Kirkman


Kip Pardue
Michael Kelly
Tess Harper
Bonnie Hunt
Chris Sarandon


Sundance Film Festival - 2005 Official Selection