Theater of War

2008 / 95min. / USA

In the summer of 2006, with wars raging in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Lebanon, New York's Public Theater set out to stage Tony Kushner's new translation of Bertolt Brecht's anti-war epic Mother Courage and Her Children. Meryl Streep took time out from making movies to take on the title role—which many would consider the role of a lifetime. For the first time, she allowed a camera crew to document the complete behind-the-scenes creative process from first read-throughs to dress rehearsals. THEATER OF WAR not only takes us back-stage with one of the greatest actresses of our time, it also takes us back through history, uncovering the story of Brecht's flight from the Nazis, his years in exile in Europe and in Hollywood, and his eventual return to war-ravaged Germany where he first staged Mother Courage. Along the way, Streep, Tony Kushner (who wrote the new translation), George C. Wolfe (who directed the production), and others explore the terrifying theme of Brecht's masterpiece: Why does history repeat itself in an endless cycle of violence and warfare?


Director: John W. Walter


Meryl Streep
Kevin Kline
Tony Kushner


Chlotrudis Awards 2010